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1. Do you sell vending machines directly?

No. Unless you want to spend $20k and service it yourself.


What we sell are the items in the machines.

We don't even sell our services. We install, maintain, and stock the machines at no cost to the business.


2. What makes you all different?

We are locally owned and operated. We aren't one of the big guys, you'll be working directly with us, getting to know us and we'll be getting to know you, and you'll have our personal number to call or text us if there's ever an issue. We want to build a partnership with you and the local community, and you aren't just a number to us.

We won't say yes to a location unless we are sure we can take good care of you (based off distance from our home & your hours of operation).

We don't do contracts, so if you aren't happy, kick us out! But that's never happened before. :)


3. What's so special about your machines?


It's really the best in class. There's no comparison, and if you find better, let us know. We'll likely buy them!


1) We have fresh food options,

2) our inventory monitored through an app,

3) we have lots of promotions for your customers and employees (extra special ones for employees!),

4) we base our stock off your needs,

5) we have a refund guarantee,

6) ADA compliant,

7) energy efficient,

8) lots of payment options,

9) can fit 500 items,

10) a touch screen where we can put your ads or fun ideas (want to put employee of the month on there? Let's do it!), and promotions we are currently having.


Here's a promotion we have going on at one of our locations:

4. What are the requirements for partnering with you? How does this all work?

There are 4 requirements that we have, just because like your business has to be sustainable, so does ours.

A - For us to be sustainable, we need 100+ vends per week. Typically, that means you have at least 100 people per day who will see the machine. It can be a mix of customers, vendors, employees, etc.

  • We do work with smaller businesses, but usually because the employer really wants this perk for their employees and is willing to help us by funding part of the lost expected revenue.

    It can range from it's $25-100 per week, depending on how small the account is (the smaller the account, the more you may need to supplement), so you have to ask yourself if your employees having access to meals, drinks, and snacks on site is worth the added cost. Many do find it to be a great benefit.

B - Our machines are pretty big. We need space to get into the room you want it in, and of course, space to put it. Here are the dimensions:


Height: 76.25”
Width: 46.5”
Depth: 34.75”

Usually, we can fit through the door without any modifications, but sometimes, we might need to unscrew the door and put it back in. We can either do it, or your facilities manager can. Whichever you're more comfortable with.

C - Must be inside a building. It's Texas, y'all. These machines are sturdy, but you know our weather and heat. My car radio won't even work if it gets too hot.

D - We won't place a machine unless we can take good care of it. That benefits you, too. We get requests for people wanting to get started with us, but their location is too far away and the hours just won't work for us to take care of you.

  • Must be no more than 25 miles from us. If you're in the pink, you're just fine!

5. How does getting started with you look like?

Pretty simple. 

Step 1 - Call us/text us (512-850-6263), email us (, or fill out our contact sheet here.

Step 2 - We'll set up a time to talk in person, learn about your needs, you'll learn about us, and if everything sounds good on both our ends, we'll take measurements of your door, the spot you want the machine, and discuss any barriers for the moving day.

Step 3 - In about 2 weeks, your machine will arrive. The day before, we'll stop by, make sure there's no barriers and prep the floor with cardboard if it needs it. The day of delivery, we will bring it in and set it up. Sometimes this is in 2 parts (first day set up, second day loading it up). 

Step 4 - That's it! The machine and you will have our direct line so that if there's ever an issue, we'll be there same or next day to solve it.



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