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About Munchie Mom and Soda Pop

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Get to Know Us

At Munchie Mom and Soda Pop, run by Cory and Alondra Gaddis, we have a passion for providing you delicious snacks, drinks, and meals.


On your location, we will carefully place our HUGE vending machines at no cost to you.  Then using AI, we make sure the machines are always filled with the items that your employees and customers love the most.


You'll even get fun promotions, like us taping dollar bills behind random treats, happy hours, punch cards, and mobile games that give your people discounts. Click here to see it in action: Shake to win with the monyx wallet.

You'll have a selection of over 500 items, all at a fair price, to fit your needs, including non-food items. 


You can be sure that we take pride in maintaining and stocking our machines to ensure that you always have access to fresh and tasty treats.


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Locations we serve
North Austin, TX · Waterford on Lake Travis, TX · Pflugerville, TX · Georgetown, TX · Leander, TX · Round Rock, TX · Liberty Hill, TX · Hutto, TX · Cedar Park, TX

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