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Cory (left) and Alondra (right, because she always is)

Our Story

We met in 2014 at an arcade back in Houston, Texas. As we both went broke playing House of Dead 4 (which we finished, by the way!) we figured we have a lot more in common than we thought.


Unfortunately for us, at that time, Cory (the one with the beard) lived & worked full time on base in Lousiana.

Being the romantic that he is, though, he'd drive every weekend to see me (Alondra, the one without the beard!) This went on until he became a veteran and moved in with me, my parents, and "too many pets" (as he'd put it) in 2016.


He became a University of Houston student, I was a teacher (not at UH, that'd be weird). We both got a few degrees under our belt (4 between us), we got married in 2017, and in 2020 we moved to Austin because he found an awesome job and I fell in love with our brick, almost school-looking, house.

We still have full-time jobs, but we are hoping when Little Gaddises make their debut, we will shift our focus entirely on YOU (and the kiddos).


So thank you so much for being interested in our services, and we hope to partner with you soon!

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